Hi! This is your beauty buddy - Trang Ngo. I prefer to be called by Tracy, my friends call me Chang, but anything else works just fine. Just like you, I am crazyyy about cosmetics, especially lipsticks (and I'm pretty sure you are, too :D). Some quick facts below, in case you would want to know more about me. Don't forget to leave your facts in the comment section. I want to know about you also!

  • I was born in July 31st, 1994, born and raised in Hanoi, Vietnam.
  • I started putting makeup on since the age of 15.
  • Dancing, playing the piano and cooking are some of my other hobbies.
  • I am not a very talkative individual. But everything changes if I meet the right person.
  • I went to US in 2012 and currently a junior at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania with a full scholarship (woohoooo)
  • I love traveling!

Why I started this website

I currently own a personal Instagram (@changmakeup) where I normally post all my swatches and pictures of lipsticks by my pretty Canon T4i. Then one day in February 2015, I decided to start a blog that is 100% in English for several reasons. My writing skill seriously needs improvement! Yes! I used to hate writing a lot, now I don't anymore, but it's still a long long way to the "like" level hahaa. Also, I want to expand my review a little bit more. Sometimes the Instagram description part is too short for me to express everything I want to say, and I feel like it's not so appropriate to write a lot in Instagram also. Well, 2 big reasons already. Ask me and I will come up with the third one later lol.

This website will cover...

Mostly lipstick swatches and reviews! For those of you who have followed me on Instagram, you must have already known that I am dedicated to lipsticks. LOL. Well... hopefully I will make you feel the same way, too. Watch out ladies!

I'm glad you are still reading. LOL.

We may never met before, and even in the future, but that is not bad at all as long as we share the same interest, right? I am happy that you stopped by and looked at my little precious world. Please feel free to contact me through whichever ways you want to (comment, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) I already included them all so that you guys can easily ask questions, I would be very happy to answer all of them!

Love you,

Tracy (changmakeup)